The Capital Trust Group’s advisory business is an integral part of its activities. Assignments have included, providing clients with mergers and acquisition advice in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and North Africa, where the Group has performed valuations and acted as financial advisor to its clients. The Group has also submitted tenders on behalf of clients for asset and stock acquisitions, and has worked with leading investment banks in arranging international debt financings for such acquisitions, as well as later-stage financings, and restructurings of corporate clients. The Group has developed extensive experience in corporate acquisitions in the United States, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Jordan, where it has undertaken Greenfield projects on behalf of clients, involving manufacturing and distribution facilities. The Group represents clients on the boards of such companies and has demonstrated its ability to work with the management teams. The Capital Trust Group also provides real estate advisory services. Assignments have included acting as representative and lead negotiator for the acquisition of US and European real estate and leading the structuring of financing of such projects, as well as managing, monitoring and reporting on the performance of such investments. The Group also provides independent strategic analysis of existing property portfolios where it aims to unlock value and enhance returns. In all cases, the Capital Trust Group seeks to provide and execute recommendations and deliver to its clients complete solutions. Representation transactions include: 1. Advising on the privatisation of the SAMIR refinery in Morocco. 2. Arranging syndicated loans for the upgrade of the SAMIR refinery. 3. Advising on the acquisition of Preem Petroleum (Sweden) 4. Advising Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic with respect to financing options for the company including working mwith the US Export Import (EXIM) Bank. 5. Advising on the financing and development of a new airport in Siem Reap, Cambodia. 6. Advising on recapitalisation of upstream Oil Company.
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